October 15, 2018

New business cards

For my new business cards I wanted to keep things super simple. On the reverse, this meant stripping back the information to a bare minimum and on the front, letting the logo stand on its own without any distractions. Most important to me was the quality of the materials and the feel of actually holding the cards in your hand. Since I’m more often designing for screen, it’s always nice to have that extra dimension of creating something physical with tactile qualities to consider. In the end I opted for 540gsm duplexed Colourplan card with a nice textured finish. 

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October 8, 2018

Skateboarding edits

Crazy to think I picked up my first skateboard over 20 years ago now. Ever since those early days, skateboarding and filming skateboarding have always gone hand in hand for me. Rolling around the local supermarket carpark we’d crudely gaffa-tape a fisheye lens to the front of an old VHS-C camera covered in skate stickers and document our best efforts.

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November 6, 2016

Kids skateboarding lessons


I recently became an instructor at a kids skateboard club in West London called My Little Boarders. Based at the skatepark in Royal Oak, we teach kids aged 5-15 all the basics of skateboarding - from finding the correct stance, learning how to turn and eventually Ollies and skating on the ramps.

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