November 6, 2016

Kids skateboarding lessons


I recently became an instructor at a kids skateboard club in West London called My Little Boarders. Based at the skatepark in Royal Oak, we teach kids aged 5-15 all the basics of skateboarding - from finding the correct stance, learning how to turn and eventually Ollies and skating on the ramps.


It really is a lot of fun and the kids are absolutely hilarious! Typically, we might have around 20 kids per session and separate into smaller groups based on ability. Each instructor will then work with their group to demonstrate how it’s done and give guidance on the best techniques.

The kids love it and it’s nice to see the sense of achievement they get from mastering the latest trick. It’s a great way to build confidence, make new friends and channel all that energy into something that’s good exercise and a lot of fun at the same time.


Festival of Love at the Southbank centre

We recently took the club for a special one-off event at the Southbank centre as part of the Festival of Love. To protect the floor and provide a bit of grip, we laid out some special coverings and set up 3 bases - each focusing on a different skill set.


I don’t think any of us were quite prepared for how popular it was going to be! Within a short space of time we had a 2-hour long queue and boards flying left, right and centre. Pandemonium would be a good word.

Quite a full-on and stressful day in the end but a good time nonetheless and hopefully we will have inspired at least a few kids to take up an interest in Skateboarding.






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