September 12, 2016

Working from my studio space

As convenient as working from home undoubtedly is, after a while I found myself craving a bit of a change of scenery from day to day. With a bit of research on Gumtree I found a great little desk space in Warwick Works studios on Hackney Downs.


The location is really good, right next to the park and a 20 minute cycle ride through the marshes and along the canal from my house in Walthamstow. One of the best bits is it’s less than half the price of a space in Hackney Downs studios next door. A real find!


I share the studio with 8 other people, all working independently and in creative fields. It’s definitely nice to be able to share ideas and get that second opinion on something you’re working on.


We have 4 illustrators in the studio, Bia Melo, Juppi Juppsen, Clare Fisher and Sophy Hollington. We also have writer/ directors Danae Bravi, Susanna Hislop and Kerry Gilbert. Lastly, Sara Melin runs The Poundshop, an afforadable pop-up design shop. Check out some of their fantastic work above and below.


My plan going forward is to take on occasional freelance roles with agencies and work on my own projects from the studio with the rest of my time.






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